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List of Housing Co-ops in the UK

Federations, Networks and Communities

Government Agencies

Other Organisations and Services

  • Alternative Housing
  • Birmingham Co-operative Housing Services – an agency providing services to housing co-ops and other tenant controlled organisations
  • Building and Social Housing Foundation – The Building and Social Housing Foundation (BSHF) is an independent research organisation that promotes sustainable development and innovation in housing through collaborative research and knowledge transfer.
  • CDS Co-operatives – the largest co-operative housing service agency in London and the South of England dedicated to promoting, developing, and servicing housing co-operatives controlled by the people who live in them.
  • Centre for Co-operative Studies – a university research centre that promotes education and training along with independent research and consultancy in all aspects of co-operative organisation and development. It has an extensive Resource Room of co-operative materials and is involved with the provision of information, advice and support to existing and potential co-operative groups as well as operating a consultancy service. The Centre has developed a number of undergraduate Distance Learning programmes in the area of co-operatives, social enterprises and development.
  • Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) – a professional organisation that offeres services and training to people who work in housing.
  • CHICS – Integrated Computer Systems for people in housing management
  • CHISEL Neighbourhood Housing Association – CHISEL manages about 250 homes in south-east London, Colchester and Brighton and is dedicated to the support and development of housing co-operatives and to a high level of tenant participation in the management and strategic development of the organisation.
  • The Co-operative Bank
  • Co-operative Group (CWS) Limited
  • Co-operatives UK – the representative body for the UK co-operative movement.
  • David Dean Associates – training courses and business support for Credit Unions, Co-operatives, Community Enterprises and Voluntary Groups
  • PEP‘s mission: To foster vibrant, resourceful communities in areas of social and economic disadvantage.
  • Social Enterprise Coalition – the UK trade body that brings together all types of social enterprise to promote the sector and share knowledge.
  • Tenant Participation Advisory Service for England – provides information, advice, training, consultancy, seminars and conferences on all aspects of involving tenants in their housing management


General information

Co-operative Housing

Social Housing

Workers’ Co-ops

  • Co-op Primer – advice on setting up and operating worker co-ops.
  • Radical Routes – publications from the secondary co-operative for workers’ and housing co-ops.


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  • Homeless Pages – a guide to publications and information about homelessness in the UK; a database of resources, including reports, directories, websites, online articles and training courses.
  • Shelter – a national organisation working to improve the lives of homeless and badly housed people.